Floral Dogs at the Westminster Dog Show

Floral Art Studios at the National Westminster Dog Show

Pet Events & Pet Floral Sculptures

Pet Events Floral Sculpture

"Are they real???  Wow!!!  I’ve never seen anything like this before!!"

Remarks constantly heard when people see the floral dog art sculptures created by Floral Art Studios.. It’s always a joy to witness the enthusiasm and smiles on the faces of the many admirers that see the designs. If you are a dog or cat lover you will appreciate the intricate detail that goes into each creation which make them look so real. Whether you are having a pet event, are in need of a unique show stopping display or you would like to purchase designs for your own or a gift, we would be happy to customize your favorite breeds.

Floral Art Studios also creates pet likeness pieces, allowing you to honor the wonderful pet that you love. Just send photos of your pet with size measurements and Felicia will create your best friend in forever flowers. You will be amazed! Shipping available.   

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Pet Floral Sculpture

Pet Events & Pet Floral Sculptures

Pet Events Floral Sculpture

2017 Westminster Dog Show

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